SWISH Sales Summit - LIVE!
June 7, 2023
Novotel, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast
6 hours - no fluff!
Changing the perception of sales since 2014
Learn from Australia's #1 Sales Coach, Ryan Tuckwood.
Do NOT miss this FREE opportunity to learn the SWISH Sales Methodology: Selling With Integrity, Selling Honestly, from the founder of SWISH and Australia’s No1 sales coach, Ryan Tuckwood.

This event is for business owners, sales people, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

Quite simply, it is for anyone who would like to better communicate their message, maximise client interactions, empower and motivate their teams, or even communicate better with their loved ones.

After almost 9 years in business, we have never delivered a 6hr event of this kind FREE OF CHARGE!

As Ryan always says, ’never forget your roots’, and after failing miserably as a salesperson initially, then going on one hell of a journey (which he will share on the day), from having just 31cents to his name, to speaking globally in front of thousands, he is determined to make practical, authentic and science backed sales coaching available for all, hence this event!

This live and in person event will give you the skills to move the needle in all facets of your life and ultimately, drive you towards reaching your potential.

You will learn:
  • The history of SWISH, the sales methodology sweeping the globe
  • The 3 pillars of elite communication
  • The Top 10 Common Sales & Communication Mistakes
  • The No. 1 reason that stops sales people reaching their potential
  • How to read prospects/clients in 45-60 seconds
  • The Top 5 Ways to Elegantly Follow Up without being a cheesy salesperson
  • The simple packaging hack that ensures your prospects don’t go to your competitors
  • The 3 step process to ask for the business with confidence
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Fed up of missing sales opportunities, being overlooked for promotion or just want an elegant kick up the arse without being shouted at for 6hrs?
Then this event is for you!

Novotel, Surfers Paradise
Gold Coast

June 7, 2023
10AM - 4PM

Please note

This is NOT a Wolf of Wall Street event. 
If that is what you’re after, you will be bitterly disappointed.
We will show you that you don’t ever have to lie, bully or manipulate people into making sales. 
Our sales techniques are pleasant, elegant and work WITH human behaviour, not against it, ensuring they get results.

For context, twice a year, we run a 3-day SWISH Bootcamp and on the last one alone, over $21 million in sales were made directly from the event.

Learn from Australia's #1 Sales & Communication Coach,
Ryan Tuckwood

Interview with Grant Cardone - founder of the 10X movement

MC for Jordan Belfort for 1,000+ in Sydney & Melbourne

With SWISH investor Dr.Glen Richards on the SWISH Bootcamp

Interview with Michael Lane - Forbes Australia CEO

First company in Shark Tank Au history to secure 3 investors

With SWISH investor Andrew Banks on the SWISH Bootcamp

Sharing the stage with Mark Bouris in Perth

The February 2023 SWISH Sales Bootcamp!

Scaling Up Summit with Vern Harnish and Anna Samios

Between sessions with The Wolf of Wall Street

With SWISH investor Steve Baxter on the SWISH Bootcamp

Ryan Tuckwood, SWISH Sales Coaching Founder & CEO

Ryan Tuckwood is an award winning sales coach and public speaker, having shared the stage with business juggernauts like Mark Bouris, Grant Cardone, Jordan Belfort, Harry Singha and others.

In 2018, he appeared on Shark Tank Australia with his business partner where they secured three Sharks as investors (Steve Baxter, Dr. Glen Richards, Andrew Banks) who are still invested in the business to this day.

As CEO and founder of SWISH Sales coaching, Ryan is on a mission to change the perspective of sales globally, and we’re excited to show you what we have to offer.

Over the last decade, SWISH Sales Coaching has worked with international companies like American Express, eToro, Mercedes Benz, Australian Skin Clinics, National Storage along with many more. We’ve also worked in every industry including automotive, banking/financial services, IT/cyber security, hair and skin care, health and dental, education, fitness, NDIS, and many more.

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Become a world class sales and communication expert!

Become unstoppable with the SWISH methodology

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be a big sales pitch?

Great question, in short, NO!

As a reminder, our mission is to CHANGE THE PERCEPTION of sales and sales people globally, so, a 6hr sales pitch would not be doing that,

You are all adults, if you like what you see, come and ask us about other services or simply check out our website.

Will Ryan really be speaking all day?

Yes, absolutely.

Ryan is the founder of SWISH and is passionate about putting on ‘low barrier’ events, so that the SWISH method can be used by as many people as possible.

Who is this event for?

We don’t have a niche, we have a mindset.

Simply, anyone that has a genuine desire to articulate their message better, be it; coaches, business owners, leaders trying to empower a team, entrepreneurs, B2B, B2C, H2H (human to human), non for profits, SME’s, sole traders etc

What do I need to bring?

Quite simply, an open mind and a smile on your face.

SWISH is all about great energy and great skills…let’s make it a super productive and enjoyable day.

BORING BITS - workbook will be provided.

Can I come if I’m not in a direct sales role?


Over the last 9years, we’ve learnt to recognise that communication is the key to opening every door. Your ability to articulate value in yourself, your company or your product is valuable to all.

In fact, 32% of our members are now NOT in a direct sales role. They are in a range of different roles, including: HR, Leadership & Management, Administration, Reception, Customer Service and more

I’m a small business owner and saw you work with big corporates, am I too small to attend?

Not at all.

Yes, we coach some of the largest companies globally, but we have never lost sight of the SME’s, Sole Traders or Contractors. The SWISH method has been applied to 163 industries by over 10,200 businesses and or individuals, so, no, you can never be too small to learn how to articulate your value better.

Should I bring my business partner or even my team?


Sometimes, others may hear a message slightly differently to you and you ultimately increase the amount of takeaways from the same event.

NB: Please register for multiple tickets though as seats are limited.

Is there a dress code?

Just be you.

Ryan, as you may know is partial to a crazy suit jacket from time to time, but it’s important you are comfortable to really take as much value form the day as possible.

What are the start and finish times?

Main Session - 10am - 4pm (Qld)
VIP Q&A - 4pm - 430pm (Qld)
NB: Registration will open at 9am

Why is this FREE (what’s the catch)?

Ryan started out as an engineer in the UK for 9years.

When he arrived in Australia in 2010 on a working holiday visa, he was determined not to fall back into engineering and as such, stumbled into sales.

You’ll hear his story, but ultimately, he was failing, badly.

After hitting rock bottom, with literally no money, he was at a crossroads. He has never forgotten those moments and believes that genuine, value led and practical sales skills should be available for EVERYONE, whether you have money or not.

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